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This Web page provides links to all the documents published at 990online.com for tax-exempt organizations in fulfillment of the federal law and regulations for making such materials "widely available." These federal regulations apply to the application for tax-exempt status and the annual information returns that are filed by 501(c) and 501(d) organizations organizations, and most associated materials. The documents are available at this site at all times without charge for anyone to download, view, and print.

If you have requested a copy of a tax-exempt organization's IRS materials and were directed to this Web site, you will find links to those materials below arranged by organization name. Also given is each organization's Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) in parentheses.

Documents at this site have digital signatures associated with them for increased security. Next to each file is a key icon key icon that links to that file's PGP signature. You may use any PGP signature verification software to confirm that the document is the exact one uploaded by 990online.com to this site. Our public PGP key is available from several locations.

The documents at this site are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. If you are not familiar with displaying and printing PDF documents, please read the instructions provided below.

Some organizations with their own Web sites have used the 990online.com service to generate electronic documents that fulfill the IRC 6104(d) law and regulations, but published those documents at their own site. Such organizations are listed below with a folder icon IRS documents that links to their publicly disclosed records Web page if one has been established.

Note: This service was only just established, and the public access requirements don't go into effect until June 8, 1999. Your organization doesn't have to wait, though!

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Instructions for Retrieving, Displaying, and Printing PDF Documents From This Site

All documents published at 990online.com may be retrieved and displayed by anyone with a Web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Both of these are available for free, and instructions for installation are provided with each.

Once you have installed this software, you can retrieve, display, and print documents published here as follows:

  1. Find the exempt organization by name in the alphabetical listing above. If you only know part of the name, or have only the organization's FEIN, use your Web browser's "find" function (i.e. select "Edit | Find" in your Web browser's menu bar). Under each organization's name is a list of the documents it has published to this Web site.
  2. If you have installed Acrobat Reader to work in an integrated fashion with your Web browser, then select the name of document you wish to view. It should be automatically downloaded to your computer and displayed within the Web browser's window. You may then select the printer icon just above the Adobe Acrobat window (not the Web browser's print feature!) to print a copy of the document being displayed.
  3. If you have installed Acrobat Reader to work only independently, then download and display the document of your choice as follows:
    1. If you are using a computer with a one-button mouse, click and hold on the name of the document to bring up a small window of options. Select "download" from this list, to save a local copy of the document.
    2. If you are using a two-button mouse, click on the name of the document using the right mouse button, to bring up a small window of options. Select "download" from this list, to save a local copy of the document.
    3. If you are using a computer without a mouse, use whatever mechanism your Web browser instructions describe for downloading files.
    4. Then launch the installed Adobe Acrobat Reader. In Acrobat Reader, choose "File | Open" from the menu bar, and load the saved document from the directory to which you downloaded it.
    5. You may print the document by selecting "File | Print" in the Acrobat Reader menu bar.

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