Organization's name

Organization's federal employer identification number (FEIN)

Type of document package

Application for exempt status Annual information return

For information returns, tax year of the attached form (else leave blank)

Number of pages attached to this cover sheet


Complete and print a copy of the order form, which must be faxed to 990online.com before the other documents. Be sure to read and follow the instructions on the order form.

Complete and print one copy of this cover sheet for each annual information return or application for exempt status that you are submitting. Each submitted return or application should have a completed cover sheet sent as the first page.

Each fax phone call will result in one electronic document being generated. All the material associated with one year's annual information return should be sent as a single fax message. All the material from an organization's application for exempt status should be sent as a single fax message. The application for exempt status, and each year's return, must be sent as separate fax messages (i.e. separate phone calls).

Fax this cover sheet and the attached pages to 1-416-929-5793.

NOTE: 990online.com is not associated with the IRS. Submission of any documents to 990online.com does not relieve you of the requirement to file these materials with the IRS.

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