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Processing and Publishing Fee Calculation

There is a $25 processing fee per document, and an additional publishing fee if the documents are to be online longer than four weeks.

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(don't count cover sheets)

Publishing fee (mark one):

four week term, $0.00 / page
one year term, $0.75 / pg
two year term, $1.50 / pg
three year term, $2.25 / pg

total fee

= ($25 × # of documents) + (# of pages × publishing fee)

DECLARATION. By signing below, I warrant that the documents submitted this day to 990online.com for the tax-exempt organization named above are true and accurate copies of the organization's records as required under U.S. federal law and regulations for public disclosure, that I give my permission for these document to be posted on the Internet by 990online.com, and that I accept all responsibility for their public release. I understand that U.S. federal law and regulations do not require tax-exempt organizations to disclose public charity donor listings (from the annual information returns), trade secrets (from the application for exemption), and certain other excepted material specified in 26 USC 6104(d).

Signature: ________________________________

Printed name: _____________________________
Title: ____________________________________

Date: _____________________________________
NOTE: The person signing the declaration must be either a member of the organization's Board, the Director (or President), the chief financial manager, or the chief operations manager. This can be someone other than the contact person.


Complete and print the above order form (it is not submitted online). A completed order form must be faxed to 990online.com along with the other documents. Only one order form need be sent for all the documents faxed on a single day. If you submit additional documents on a later day, a new order form must be sent for those.

The "contact" is the person 990online.com should notify when the documents are published online, and who also can answer questions about the documents if there are any problems processing them. An email address for the contact person is preferred, so that she or he can be notified of publication by email rather than postal mail or phone.

If your organization has a Web page to which people visiting the 990online.com Web site should be referred, you may provide it in the space given. That address will be used for a link from your organization's published documents listing at this site. If your organization doesn't have a Web site or page, just leave this space blank.

Fax this order form as a separate document to 1-416-929-5793. Then send each IRS form (together with any schedule or other required attachments) as a separate fax phone call, each with its own cover sheet. For instance, the Form 990, Form 990 Schedule A, and those associated attachments that must be disclosed, all for one fiscal year, should be sent as a single fax message. The documents associated with a different year should be sent together as another fax message.

Mail a check payable by the organization (not a personal check) that is made out to "Eric Mercer," for the calculated fee to: 990online.com, attn. Eric Mercer, 484 Avenue Rd. Suite #1106, Toronto, ON, M4V2J4, Canada. If everything is in order, then within 48 hours of receiving that check 990online.com will publish your documents on the Web.

NOTE: 990online.com is not associated with the IRS. Submission of any documents to 990online.com does not relieve you of the requirement to file these materials with the IRS.

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